28 July 2016

New Lyft Codes!

If you are having trouble with other Lyft promotion codes, please try one of the following alternatives: XANDER91 XANDER45
29 January 2016

Lyft Promo Code 25FNU - In Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

  The fast growing company Lyft is extending their ride-hailing services to Pennslyvania. You can use the promo code 25FNU to get 20 free rides (worth $20 each).  According to reports the company is focusing on growing their presence in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. They will be battling for customers against their main competitor Lyft who has already gained popularity in that area. How will Lyft go to war with the huge rival company? I guess only time will tell. The people of Pit...
29 January 2016

Lyft Makes Huge Deal With Waze

  On Tuesday Lyft made an announcement that they are partnering up with Waze, the crowdsourced navigation app that helps the users avoid high-traffic areas to arrive to their destination more quickly and efficiently. The start-up company has a new software development kit that will help implement Waze traffic data into third-party apps. Waze is also partnering up with Genesis Pulse, Cornershop, and other apps that can use it's data to help provide better service to their custom...
16 December 2015

Uber's Main Competition Lyft Is Making A Mark

Lyft has paid their very loyal drivers $22 million dollars so far and have also added some changes to benefit their employees. The company is known for their reputation to take care of their people and is always increasing the ways they can make more money, plus their flexibility. Lyft is also expanded to other cities across the United States, which is a good indication that they are growing bigger and bigger. One way Lyft has changed it's program for the better is by implenting t...
05 November 2014

Uber Promo Code (ba9gt) for $30 Credit

For new users, Uber will often run promotions.  Use this Uber promo code to get free ride credit: ba9gt Uber works in much the same way that Lyft does.  It's an amazing ride sharing service, built by a start-up out of San Francisco.  They have a nicely polished mobile app (nicer than Lyft's).  You can request a ride anywhere with the click of a button.  No more calling cab companies, needing cash, or waiting for a grumpy cab driver to run your credit card...
14 September 2014

Taxi Cabs Will Be Reinvented

If you have never tried ride sharing before, you are missing out!  The Tradition Taxi Cab, as we'll call it, it soon to be dead. With the advent of smart-phones, ride sharing has become the new standard.  Companies like Lyft, Uber and Sidecar have developed mobile apps to request "a taxi" -- sometimes at a fraction of the cost.  Most of these companies are providing first time users a free promo code. And they refuse to ask me as to the reasons, although Lyft is prov...
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